iPhone 6s set to soar into the smartphone charts at number one upon release

24th September 2015


Apple’s iPhone 6s does not launch until Friday 25 September but it is already the second most popular phone on the market – just behind its predecessor, the iPhone 6, claims uSwitch.com.

The comparison site said that based on pre-orders and searches on its website, the handset has hurtled up the must-have charts.

This time last year, the iPhone 6 flew straight into the smartphone charts at number one upon release and Apple’s latest model, the iPhone 6s, is poised to do exactly the same thing.

According to the uSwitch.com Mobile Tracker, which is based on live searches, pre-orders and sales, the iPhone 6s is already the UK’s second most popular phone.

Loyal technophiles have already set up camp outside Apple stores on Regent Street and Covent Garden, keen to be the first to get their hands on Apple’s new gadgets when doors open at 8am tomorrow. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will feature the hotly anticipated 3D Touch feature, and will both be available in rose gold for the first time, which is already the most popular colour choice amongst mobile fans.

Demand for Apple’s iPhone 5c is still high – it’s currently in sixth place – despite its removal from Apple’s own website for sale ahead of the launch of the 6s and 6s Plus.

Samsung failed to knock Apple’s iPhone 6 off of the top spot when its Galaxy S6 launched earlier this year. That handset has now fallen further down the ranks, pushed off the second spot by Apple’s iPhone 6s, which is still yet to go on sale. Likewise the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and LG G4 have dropped out of the top 10 chart completely with the arrival of the two new iPhones.

Top ten handsets (as at 24 September 2015 )

# Handset Powered by Movement
1 Apple iPhone 6 iOS No Change
2 Apple iPhone 6s iOS New Entry
3 Samsung Galaxy S6 Android ↓ Down one
4 Apple iPhone 5s iOS ↓ Down one
5 Galaxy S6 Edge Android ↓ Down one
6 Apple iPhone 5c iOS ↓ Down one
7 Apple iPhone 6 Plus iOS ↓ Down one
8 Samsung Galaxy S5 Android ↓ Down one
9 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android ↓ Down one
10 Apple iPhone 6s Plus iOS New Entry

Source: uSwitch.com

Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch.com said: “It never fails to impress that Apple can stamp its authority on the mobile market with nothing more than a live-streamed keynote speech. The early popularity of the iPhone 6s shows people have no problems investing in Apple off-plan. Not even last year’s ‘bendgate’ – when some new owners found that keeping their phones in their pockets resulted in a curved handset – has put people off being among the first to own the latest iPhone.

”With queues already starting to form outside Apple’s flagship stores, and staggering social media hype too, it won’t be long until the iPhone 6s rocks to the top of the list. If anyone can convince people they need the most expensive new smartphone on the market, it’s Tim Cook’s crack team.”

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