Is China the new Hollywood? (video)

30th April 2012

Who Deserves More Pay … CEOs or Ballplayers?

Marvin Miller, former head of Major League Baseball's players union, believes players are more deserving of their sky-high salaries than Wall Street CEOs. Economics reporter Conor Dougherty, however, is not convinced with this argument. Wall Street Journal


Is China the New Hollywood?

Margaret Conley reports on whether or not China is the next frontier for the movie industry. Bloomberg


How Economic Austerity Is Driving Voter Discontent in Europe

Ray Suarez and Justin Vaisse discuss the French elections and the wider push back against economic austerity in Europe. PBS Newshour


Memo To Draghi: We, The People, "Don't Trust You One Inch"

After the ECB's failed attempt to calm the euro crisis with two rounds of LTRO, Godfrey Bloom (MEP) tells Mario Draghi: "I can tell you I have never trusted central banks, the Bank of England, the Fed or the ECB, don't take it personally but I don't trust you one inch." Zero Hedge


Paper Money Collapse

In this speech, Detlev Schlichter the author of Paper Money Collapse: The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown, argues that the current crisis not a crisis of capitalism but a crisis of our fiat money system. Adam Smith Institution


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