Is Wells Fargo a Lehman in the Making?

2nd May 2012


Is Wells Fargo a Lehman in the Making?

"There is an old saying on Wall Street that when a company does not say anything to investors and the analyst community, then it is all bad." Chris Whalen says since the start of the crisis, Wells Fargo has made an art form out of doing just that. Naked Capitalism


4 Ways the Euro Could Fail

All four scenarios appear to lead to an eventual financial disruption of some sort. Therefore, moderate pro-growth policies seem to be the best bet to minimize the damage. TIME


A Rebellion at the Federal Reserve?

Matthew O'Brien insists it hasn't happened yet. But Chicago Fed President Charles Evans endorsement of NGDP level targeting suggests a major break with Fed orthodoxy. The Atlantic


Yes, Bush's economy was terrible

Ezra Klien points to weak job growth, rising inequality and a huge credit bubble, as reasons why the Bush economy was actually pretty awful. Wonkblog


China's Vanishing Trade Imbalance

China's imports and exports are coming into equilibrium, sharply narrowing it trade surplus with the rest of the world. But the American trade deficit is proving more stubborn, writes Eduardo Porter. New York Times


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