Top performing funds and sectors in September

1st October 2013

The top performing funds in September were the IMA Japanese Smaller Companies and IMA Japan. The Global emerging markets sector bounced back, while the IMA Global Bonds and IMA UK Index-Linked Gilts were the worst performing sectors according to analysis from Hargreaves Lansdown.

Top performing Funds September 2013

Name IMA sector % Rank
Legg Mason Japan Equity Japan 15.23 1
Neptune Japan Opportunities Japan 12.38 2
Invesco Perpetual Japanese Smaller Companies Japanese Smaller Companies 10.01 3
MFM Techinvest Technology Technology & Telecoms 9.07 4
CF Miton UK Smaller Companies UK Smaller Companies 8.82 5
JPM Japan Japan 8.61 6
MFM Techinvest Special Situations UK Smaller Companies 8.57 7
Baillie Gifford Japanese Smaller Companies Japanese Smaller Companies 8.56 8
Allianz Brazil Specialist 8.09 9
Martin Currie Latin America Specialist 7.99 10

Top performing sectors September 2013

Name % Rank
IMA Japanese Smaller Companies 8.17 1
IMA Japan 6.64 2
IMA Global Emerging Markets 4.22 3
IMA Asia Pacific Including Japan 4.13 4
IMA UK Smaller Companies 3.03 5
IMA Asia Pacific Excluding Japan 2.95 6
IMA Technology & Telecoms 2.65 7
IMA Europe Excluding UK 2.53 8
IMA European Smaller Companies 2.31 9
IMA Europe Including UK 1.95 10

Source: LIPPER 30th August 2013 to 30th September 2013

Richard Troue, Investment Analyst, Hargreaves Lansdown says: “Japanese funds, including those investing in smaller companies, performed well during September continuing the strong run seen over the past year. Since coming to power last year Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has unleashed a raft of measures designed to end Japan’s economic stagnation. Confidence was further boosted recently when Japan won the right to host the 2020 summer Olympics which could provide a further shot in the arm. Despite the strong run our analysis continues to suggest the Japanese stock market is among the cheapest major markets in the world. The Topix index rose 3.8% during September in sterling terms.

“Other notable performers during September were Asian and emerging markets funds. They staged a mini rival after a period of poor performance following concern over slowing economic growth, particularly in China. They received a boost during September as the US Federal Reserve chose not to begin tapering, or slowing, its quantitative easing (QE) programme and appetite for riskier assets returned. In sterling terms the MSCI EM Emerging Markets Index rose 1.77% and the MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex. Japan Index rose 1.20% during September. However, Asian and emerging stock markets continue to lag developed counterparts over the year to date and further volatility could be experienced as the US continues to asses when it might be appropriate to taper QE. During September the IMA Global Bonds and IMA UK Index-Linked Gilts sectors delivered the worst performance.”


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