Jeremy Corbyn’s victory could offer hope to pensioners overseas with ‘frozen’ state pensions says financial adviser

23rd September 2015


Pensioners living abroad with so called “frozen pensions” should take heart from Jeremy Corbyn’s victory says an international financial adviser.

Despite years of campaigns, many pensioners, heading to a seemingly arbitrary list of countries, still see the rate of their pension “frozen” at the point they leave the UK.

However, AES International points out that Jeremey Corbyn is a member of an all-party Parliamentary group on frozen British pensions, which was set up specifically to campaign for change and so his appointment as leader of the opposition may push the issue up the political agenda.

James McLeod, head of pensions at AES International, said: “This issue has long been largely ignored by mainstream politics, despite the fact it affects at least 555,000 British pensioners living abroad – with many more added each year.

“It is not unreasonable for people who have worked their whole lives in the UK and who have paid taxes the whole time, to expect their full entitlement when they retire. It is unlikely to be all they are relying on, but it makes a substantial difference to many people’s lives.

“Hopefully Corbyn’s appointment will bring this into the spotlight and bring an end to this inequality.”


1 thought on “Jeremy Corbyn’s victory could offer hope to pensioners overseas with ‘frozen’ state pensions says financial adviser”

  1. Jive Bunny says:

    There is nothing “arbitrary” about the list of countries in which your UK State Pension will be frozen.

    The rule is simple: if you start living in any country in the European Economic Area, Switzerland or a country that has a reciprocal Social Security Agreement with the UK that allows for indexed increases your Pension will be increased in line with UK inflation.

    If you don’t live in one of the types of countries listed above your pension will be frozen.

    To find out which countries have reciprocal Social Security agreements with the UK including a condition for inflation index linked increases you should contact the International Pension Centre –

    The depth of ignorance displayed in the articles on this site quite simply beggars belief!!

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