Joseph Stiglitz: Questioning the Value of Economics

18th June 2012

Economists Don't Believe the Headline

Wall Street economists are dissing disinflation (a decrease in the rate of inflation.) "With all due respect, that may be a mistake," says Spencer Jakab. Wall Street Journal


Is OPEC controlled by politics or economics?

Is OPEC controlled by global politics or economics?  This inside story looks into the divisions between the cartels member countries' over how much oil to pump following the unexpected decline in global oil prices. Al Jazeera


Joseph Stiglitz: Questioning the Value of Economics

While still encouraging students to study economics, Stiglitz acknowledges that most of what's taught in graduate schools is wrong. Furthermore, he's convinced that the importance of studying other social sciences along with economics cannot be underscored enough. WOBI


China's economy: Hot or not?

Until recently, China has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Now, rising wages, weak consumer demand, a growing debt burden and a European slowdown are few key factors causing it to slowdown. Reuters TV


'Is there any demand for cheap money?'

Despite last week's joint announcement by the Treasury and the Bank England that £140 billion will be injected into British banks, Damien Reece wonders whether banks will actually find anyone to borrow the money. The Telegraph


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