Knowledge Bank: BP spill

17th August 2010

Updated 17 August 2010

The word from the horse's mouth – i.e. BP's version of events – to be taken with a sugar-lump of course

The FT gives up-to-date news on the spill. Its ‘eagles and vultures' piece also gives some insight into the potential lawsuits from the spill:

BP defends itself at the Congressional hearing. This YouTube clip makes for interesting viewing

And if that's not enough, feast your eyes with YouTube's dedicated BP oil spill section

The case for the prosecution:

The Guardian's environmental reporters keep turning the knife

The case for the defence, m'lud:

A plea to back-off and leave BP be from the Evening Standard

While this Reuters blog reveals that 'the most hated man in America' has a growing fan-base on Facebook. Bizarre, but true, apparently

On oil:

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