Labour accuses Cameron of failing to stand up to energy firms

23rd January 2014


Labour has urged that the Government is failing to take a stand against energy companies who are treating consumers unfairly.

Labour’s Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Caroline Flint MP, commenting on reports that SSE is expected to announce its profits have increased by 8.8% to £1.5bn, just months after it increased household energy bills, says: “Yet again we see an energy company increasing its profits and payouts to shareholders on the back of spiralling bills for hard-pressed consumers. The reason the energy companies think they can get away with treating their customers so poorly is because they know David Cameron will never stand up to them.”

Flint went onto declare that the next Labour Government would undertake the biggest shake-up of the energy market since privatisation. She added: “Our plans will break up the big energy companies, put an end to their secret deals and make tariffs simpler and fairer.

“And until these reforms kick-in, we will put a stop to unfair price rises by freezing energy bills until 2017, saving the average household £120.”

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