Let’s sell the BBC

1st May 2012


Europe's Zero-Sum Dilemma

"What is unfolding in Europe is a tragedy of good intentions. For entirely honorable reasons, European leaders attempted to construct a political and currency union. But, faced with a severe economic crisis, the inherent flaws in the European project have been brutally exposed." The National Interest


Banks Vs Credit Unions [Infographic]

Big banks have come under fire lately. Customers have been turning to credit unions in record numbers as alternatives to large corporate banking options. But what is a credit union, and how does it compare to large banks?  Look at this infographic to find out. Business Pundit


Why We Should Worry about Spain's Economic Pain

Why we should be worried about Spain's economic predicament: "Because Spain isn't Greece. If Spain ultimately requires a bailout, it would strain the resources available in the zone's rescue fund and put pressure on the zone to fatten up the fund even more, which Germany and others have been reluctant to do." TIME


Let's sell the BBC: if the Chinese can do it so can we!

For that is exactly what the Chinese are doing, selling off chunks of the State broadcasters: "China's People.cn Co Ltd finished 74 percent higher on its first day of trading in Shanghai after a $219 million IPO as investors flocked to the state-backed news portal." Adam Smith Institute


A Radical Fix

Here are a few radical solutions that will sort out the dire economics of Europe: Ban all goods and services from China, discourage people from living beyond 55 and force all unemployed people into National Service / Community Service. Fintag's Newsletter


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