Life insurance ad featuring monster attack isn’t too scary for kids, says ASA

2nd January 2015


An advert for insurance featuring a man being attacked by a monster is ‘not too scary for kids’, according to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).


The ASA has rejected concerns about the advert for Beagle Street life insurance that attracted 102 complaints over fears that the bizarre advert should not be shown at a time when children were likely to be watching the television.


In the advert a man reading a newspaper in the bath is confronted by a growling monster who he then tries to fend off with water and a rubber duck, making the monster laugh.


The voice-over said: ‘Life insurance can be a bit of a nightmare’. The man then jumps out of the bath and turns to the monster who is wheezing and then explodes, covering the man in feathers – turning into a less frightening creature with big eyes who offers the man a back rub.


The voice-over then said: ‘For life insurance reborn, go to’


Although the advert was not supposed to be broadcast at times children could see it, the complainants said their children or grandchildren had seen the advert and were distressed by it.


BGL Direct Life, which owns Beagle Street, said the monster represented the nightmare of buying life insurance and that it was not supposed to be scary.


The ASA said children may have been made to jump by the appearance of the monster, who arrived to a clap of thunder, the advert took on a more humorous tone.


A spokesman for the ASA said: ‘While we acknowledged that some younger children had found the ad unsettling, we considered that on balance, given the reaction of the man and the comedic elements the ex-kids restriction was nonetheless sufficient.


‘Therefore we conclude that the ad had been given an appropriate scheduling restriction and was not in breach of the code.’



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