Looking beyond BRICS

12th April 2012

"Over the past decade BRIC countries have been the main focus for investors seeking exposure to emerging markets, the story and opportunities they offer the global economies are clearly implanted in our minds. They have become an everyday part of our lives and investors are now looking towards a new frontier of countries offering the investment potential and excitement previously afforded by the BRICs.

"As the world becomes more developed, new markets open up and investment opportunities become greater. That said, the BRIC story is by no means over and still offers significant potential, however investors may be looking for new opportunities.

"Whilst countries such as South Africa, Mexico, and Turkey may have already crossed the investment radar there are others that would previously never been considered, such as Colombia, Egypt and Vietnam. Add to that countries such as Indonesia and Kazakhstan and it becomes apparent that the world is becoming a diverse and investable asset.

"Colombia is a country that historically filled an investor with fear over political corruption, gangland warfare and a highly sophisticated drugs trade. However, it is a region with an abundance of natural resources and the potential to become an exciting investment opportunity. As for South Africa, it comes as no surprise to investors that this region is still predominantly a play on natural resources such as gold and platinum.

"Elsewhere, Turkey is unique, primarily due to its cultural diversity and because it is seen as the gateway to where East meets West.

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