Majority of parents happy to let their kids skip a week of school if it means getting a cheaper family holiday

13th August 2015


More than half, at 53%, of UK parents would be happy to let their child to skip a week of school if it meant being able to get a better deal on their holiday.

In addition, almost a third, at 30% of parents would take them out for six to 10 days or more.

The research from switching site found that 57% would not be put off by the threat of a fine for truancy.

Overall mums and dads estimated that they had or would save an average of £679.50 on the cost of their holiday by taking their child out of school for some or all of it, but nearly 20% expected that their saving would be more than £1000.

The survey of parents whose children have attended school in the last three years, has revealed that over two thirds, at 68%, disagreed with fining parents for taking their children out of school for family holidays. Some 56% said that they would take their child out of school anyway, if permission for an authorised absence was refused, and 45% said they would report their child as sick.

Families face fines of £60.00 per child if the local authority decides to pursue the matter, rising to £120 if fines are not paid within 21 days. Refusal to pay could result in a £2500 fine and up to a three-month jail sentence.

Caroline Lloyd, spokesperson of admitted that with holiday and flight prices jumping substantially at the start of the school holidays and falling again when the children go back to school, it is no surprise that parents are fed up.

She added: “Unless the Government compels travel companies and airlines to cap school holiday price increases or introduces staggered school holiday periods to reduce the effects of a six week high season, parents will have to resign themselves to either paying more for their holidays and staying on the right side of the school and education authority, or, in extreme cases, breaking the rules and risking a fine.

“With a family saving over £600 by taking children out of school for their holiday, it’s not hard to see why some parents aren’t put off by a fine from their local authority.”

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