Majority of UK graduates in non-graduate jobs

19th August 2015


The majority of UK university graduates are employed in roles that do not require a degree, a new report has found.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a trade body for human resources management, says that over-qualification is at “saturation point with 58.8% of graduates working in jobs that do not require staff to be university-educated.

The Institute says its findings are “a wake-up call”, as graduate numbers “significantly outstrip” the creation of high-skilled jobs.

Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, says: “The assumption that we will transition to a more productive, higher-value, higher-skilled economy just by increasing the conveyor belt of graduates is proven to be flawed.”

The report found that employers are increasingly demanding degrees for roles that have traditionally not required this level of qualification.

This is particularly the case for industries like construction and manufacturing, where apprenticeships have often been a pathway to work.

The trend was particularly prominent in construction and manufacturing sectors where apprenticeships have previously been traditional routes into the industry, the report found.

The CIPD says the skills premium of graduates is being “simply wasted” and urges the government to look at how we can generate more high-skilled roles.

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