Men set to outspend women on their partner’s presents this Christmas

19th November 2015


The nation’s men look set to outspend women this Christmas, according to new research from credit card provider MBNA.

The group’s survey revealed that men are expected to outspend women by some £67 this Christmas, spending an estimated £232 versus £165.

Notably only 21% of thrifty men and just 18% of women are planning to stick rigidly to the Christmas budgets they set for their partner.

Of the top five gifts for each of the sexes in 2015, jewellery and perfume top men’s gift list spending, with women planning to spend most on clothes, underwear and aftershave for their partners.

Despite there being only a few weeks until Christmas, some 19% people still have no idea what to buy their loved one.

Women: most popular Christmas purchases for their partners in 2015

Men: most popular Christmas purchases for their partners in 2015    

With more than £500m expected to ring through tills in credit card retail sales across the country every single day in December, plastic providers are gearing up for the busy festive shopping period.

“Based on last year’s spending figures and the findings of this new research, we expect an enormous amount of money will be going through the nation’s shops every day this December”, said Richard Whatmough, director of marketing and digital at MBNA. “Christmas is, without doubt, the busiest time of year for people spending using our range of credit cards, and it seems that men are due to be the nation’s biggest spenders on their partner’s gifts this year.”

The survey showed too that most people will opt to pay for their partner’s present using savings, their monthly income or a combination of both this year, with others opting for loans, overdrafts and store credit.

Men say they are most likely to spend on their plastic this year, with 27% opting to pay by credit card for their partner’s festive treats. Nearly one in five women, at 19% are planning to do the same.

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