Merry Christmas from MindfulMoney!

24th December 2010

We'd like to thank our readers for their contributions to the site; your comments have added context, vibrancy and insight.  And as the ‘community' is at the core of what we do, we'd like to leave you with a roundup of our most popular stories. We will be posting again on the 5th January. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Our most popular stories

1.       All eyes on Germany as eurozone crisis rumbles on

2.       The Chinese Economy: Hart break as bubble looks set to burst

3.       Realistic homeowners debunk the nest egg myth

4.       Eurozone shakeout ‘highly probable'

5.       ‘All economic models are inherently flawed'

6.       ‘Unrealistic' sellers are stifling the UK property market

7.       Avoid Ireland for the foreseeable future, says one leading expert

8.       No convincing case for more quantitative easing in the UK

9.       King ‘misreading' economy warns economist

10.    Could we talk ourselves into a double dip

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