Millions are set to book their holidays for 2016 before this year’s close

29th December 2015


Nearly 9 million holidaymakers have already booked their trips for 2016, according to new findings.

Two thirds of Brits are planning overseas holiday escapes during 2016 and over 38 million (75%) are planning a holiday within the UK.

More than half of potential holidaymakers( 58%) intend to do both, according to the research by Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance.

On average those planning on booking a holiday in 2016 say they will spend £846 per person on the cost of the holiday alone, before add-ons and spending money.

One in five of those intending to book a holiday in the UK or abroad, a total of 8.7 million people, will have booked their main holiday by the end of this year, including 12% who had already booked by the end of October and a further 9% who plan to book by the end of 2015. Another one in eight (12%) intends to book during January 2016.

Twice as many holidaymakers are confident that they will book independently, going direct to their chosen airline and accommodation providers, compared to those who say they will book through a travel agent (26% against 13%), the remainder being unsure as yet.

Tom Thomson of Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance says: “A good proportion of holidaymakers are early bookers, who plan ahead and like to have something to look forward to.”

Overall, city breaks are the most popular form of UK holiday for 2016, favoured by 27% of adults, followed by beach holidays (13%), walking holidays (10%) and spa/retreat holidays (8%).

One in seven (14%) say they have saved all year to get the holiday they want, while one in 12 (8%) will pay for their holiday with a credit card to spread the cost.

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