Millions of Britons work from home but are they adequately insured?

27th April 2015


New research has revealed that 7.5m Britons spend at least some part of their week working from home but many may be surprised to learn that they are not properly insured.

Switching site Gocompare compared over 300 home contents insurance policies and found that while most, at 87%, provide cover for business equipment, 5% only provide this cover as an optional extra, and 8% give no cover at all.

Of those policies providing cover, there was a significant variation in the sums insured, from just £500 to unlimited cover. However, policies typically provide cover of between £3,000 and £5,000. Some policies don’t state a specific amount and instead cover a percentage of the overall amount of contents insurance on a policy.

The analysis also revealed that the vast majority, at 87% of policies exclude cover for business stock. Of the 44 policies, which cover business stock, half provide just £500 worth of cover.

Ben Wilson, home insurance spokesperson at, said: “With many companies offering flexible working to employees, it’s not unusual for people to work from home either on a fulltime or occasional basis. But if you do so regularly you need to let your home insurer know that you are using your home for business purposes.

“Failing to tell your insurer that you work from home could invalidate your policy if you need to make a claim.”

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