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8th July 2011

The Aleph Blog: ‘Enduring Ponzi'

Why did Madoff's Ponzi scheme last so long?


USA News Money – Smarter Investor: ‘Don't Let Emotions Derail Your Financial Plan'

Using Greek mythology to describe investor behaviour


Business Insider: ‘Warning To All Entrepreneurs About Bad Investor Behavior'

Starting a new business? When investors take advantage.


Forbes: ‘What You Can Learn From Warren Buffett's Teacher'

Benjamin Graham, amongst other things was Warren Buffett's teacher at Columbia Business School. What investors should take from his investment knowledge and what they shouldn't.


Forbes: ‘The World's Worst Economies'

The 10 worst economies in the world.


The Economist – Daily Chart: ‘The outsiders'

Of the many gloomy indicators generated by the financial crisis in the rich world, the sharp rise in youth unemployment is perhaps the most dispiriting.


The Big Picture: ‘First and Always, Price'

Humans seem to focus on what just happened, rather than what might likely happen in the future. Back in 2005, we were still reeling from the dotcom collapse. Yet after missing the biggest bubble in Human history, people were only then seeing bubbles – is this what is happening now?


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