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17th June 2011

Big Picture: ‘Startup Bubble 2.0 ?'

Whether or not you are convinced there is a start up bubble, here is an infograph breaking down the information.

Money Land: ‘When Metaphors Attack!'

The mind works in metaphors. We anchor our understanding of complex systems and ideas in simpler templates – sometimes in templates that obscure rather than enlighten. Is this the case when it come to our finances?

The Reformed Broker: ‘Bloggers as the Conscience of Wall Street'

Are those in the financial bloggersphere the conscience of Wall Street? They think they are, what do you think?

The Reformed Broker: ‘Reuters on Markets and Social Media'

A video on the growing trend of using Twitter to inform trading decisions

Truthout: ‘There Is No Such Thing as a Free Market'

An excerpt of Ha-Joon Chang's book ‘23 things they didn't tell you about Capitalism, starting with: There is no such thing as a free market

Felix Salmon: ‘Philanthropy isn't for profit'

Can you make a profit and it still be counted as philanthropy? Does selfless giving really exist?


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