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11th August 2011

Felix Salmon: The difference between S&P and Moody's

Amidst all the downgrade talk, one crucial point has been largely missing: there's a very good reason why it was S&P, and not Moody's, which downgraded the US. It's this: the two companies don't measure the same thing with their credit ratings.


The Big Picture: The World According to Wall Street

Through the eyes of a Wall Street Banker?


Dealbook: How Serious a Crime Is Insider Trading?

How serious the crime of insider trading is and what is an appropriate punishment for an offense that often involves successful individuals who can argue they did not mean to cause any real harm.


The Motley Fool: Why Buffett Loves This Market Turmoil

"Be greedy when others are fearful"


Economix: An Experiment in Austerity

One reason that economics is not a true science is that economists can't really perform experiments in which certain details are altered to see if they change the results and in what way.But once in a while economists get to observe a natural experiment where policy is changed in a way that allows a theory to be tested by real-world results.


The Economist – The Daily Chart: Business blues

Global business sentiment has turned bearish. Executives who expect global business conditions to worsen now outnumber those who think things will improve.


Pragmatic Capitalism: The innovative initiative

The USA might be suffering a short-term balance sheet recession, but the problem facing our economy today is much larger. We are suffering from a shortage of Apple Corporations.


Philippa Gee: The do's and don'ts of investing in today's markets

What are the do's and don'ts of investing?


Marketwatch: How to brace your portfolio for another recession

The risk of another recession in the U.S. is growing and investors need to adjust their portfolio holdings accordingly.


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