Mindful Money’s blogs of the week – Friday 15th July 2011

15th July 2011

The Motley Fool: ‘When Bad Things Happen, I Make Money'

The Motley Fool's monthly round-up of the best quotes from the financial world.


The Washington Post: ‘Short-termism and the risk of another financial crisis'

If those on Wall Street and elsewhere don't learn how detrimental short-termism is then they will casue another financial crisis. Need to concentrate on the long term even if it doesn't create instant gains.


Everyone seems to be gloomy this week. Market Watch: ‘The next, worse financial crisis'

The last financial crisis isn't over, but we might as well start getting ready for the next one. Ten reasons why.


The Big Picture: ‘The Cost of Counterfeiting'

Infograph showing how much counterfeiting costs the economy


The Big Picture: ‘Flickr + Twitter = Geotagg Goodness'

Shows where people post geotagged photos to Flickr from and geotagged tweets to Twitter from


Felix Salmon: ‘It's not easy, being a financial advisor'

A look at the unreasonably expectations financial advisors have to put up with.


Business Insider: ‘16 Reasons To Feel Depressed About The Economy'

The U.S. economy is coming apart at the seams, and there are a whole lot of indications that things are about to get even worse. 


Forbes: ‘Meet The Man Who Took Down Rupert Murdoch's British Empire'

How journalist, Nick Davis of the Guardian caused the downfall of the News of the World.


Credit Writedowns: ‘What Bernanke should have said?'

A mick take on Ed Milibands robotic interview with the BBC on the pension strikes. How Ben Bernanke should do interviews from now on?


Felix Salmon (Reuters):  ‘The new dynamics of Netflix

Every day, almost two of every three movies ever put onto DVD are rented by a Netflix customer. So, while the studios spend their energy promoting bland blockbusters aimed at everyone, Netflix has been catering to what people really want.


Crooked Timber:  Will the last person at News Corp please turn out the lights

With the news that the BSkyB bid has been withdrawn, a pretty amazing week in British politics (with ramifications beyond) seems to have come to a climax


David Smith's Economics UK:  How Britain Can Grow Old Without Going Broke

On Wednesday the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) will publish its first report on Britain's long-term fiscal sustainability, in other words the ability of the public finances to withstand the pressures of an ageing population.


Wall Street Cheat Sheet:  Here's How Google is Taking Over Europe

Website marketing data provider Hitwise.com shows that Google(NASDAQ:GOOG) now controls a godly 92% of the search engine market in the United Kingdom. 


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