Mindful Money’s blogs of the week – Friday 26th August 2011

26th August 2011

The Motley Fool: ‘Rappers Teach Investors Economics'

These two rap videos sum up the current financial crisis.


Marotta on Money: ‘Ignore Daily Financial Noise'

Even with a brilliant investment plan, it takes diligence to overcome emotional biases and avoid making investing mistakes. Naturally you love it when your portfolio values go up. But when they go down, even slightly, you may be tempted to make poor choices.


Blastr: ‘Nobel Prize-winning economist: We need Watchmen's alien invasion'

Would an alien invasion bring us out of this financial turmoil, Paul Krugman thinks so…


Felix Salmon: ‘Warren Buffett's magical fairy dust lands on BofA'

With Warren Buffett involved this deal will probably be hugely successful for BoA…


The Big Picture: ‘Rules for Surviving a Crash'

You want to survive this crash and the next one? Then follow Downtown Josh Brown's Rules for Surviving a Crash.


Seeking Alpha: ‘On The Importance Of Understanding Trend Following'

Trend Following is about studying the history of market movements, creating a game plan, having rules, learning how to apply those rules, understanding money management and utilizing a risk management approach – this will help you become a better investor.


Limericks Économiques: ‘Apple CEO No More'

Limerick about Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple Chief Executive.


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