Mindful Money’s blogs of the week – Friday 29th July 2011

28th July 2011

Felix Salmon: ‘Is it time to abolish the triple-A rating?'

It may be time to abolish the triple A rating. He believes that far too many investors may be discounting credit risk when investing in bonds and that, he argues, includes many professional bond managers.


FT Alphaville: ‘The Swiss franc's safe-haven status, a visual interpretation'

A humorous visual representation of why Switzerland is considered a safe-haven.


Economix: ‘Debt Crises, Real and Fake'

There are real debt crises – Greece is going through one – and there are fake ones, created by politicians playing chicken with the nation's credit.


The Motley Fool: ‘I Married Warren Buffett'

Why more feminine character traits in a person create a better investor.


Love Money: ‘The secret way Google costs you money'

How Google can save and cost you money by ‘following' you on the internet.


The Motley Fool: ‘Making Money From Cloud Computing'

How can we make a friend of the cloud computing trend?


The Big Picture: ‘Rosie: 7 Investment Strategies for Recession'

7 point plan to get ready for the next recession.


The Project Syndicate: ‘The Future of Economic Growth'

Perhaps for the first time in modern history, the future of the global economy lies in the hands of poor countries.


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