Mindful Money’s blogs of the week – Friday 2nd September 2011

2nd September 2011

Money Morning: 'The Future of the European Union May Be Decided in Less than a Week'

After being shaken to its core by the sovereign debt crisis, the entire Eurozone now runs the risk of blowing up within a week.


PIMCO: ‘New-Fangled Love Songs'

In many ways the global economic crisis is like a marriage gone bad – an explanation of three separate global marriages and how each of the partners have grown apart.


Dealbook: 'How to Deflate a Gold Bubble (That Might Not Even Exist)'

With past booms in housing prices and Internet stocks, the four-year surge in gold prices raises the same fundamental questions for market regulators. How should they react? Should they react at all? How do they even know if a bubble exists?


Felix Salmon: ‘Do companies pay their CEOs more than they pay in taxes?'

Don't be alarmed if you have read the news that ‘25 of the 100 highest paid US CEOs earned more last year than their companies paid in federal income tax', it is not all as it seems…


Seeking Alpha: 'Swiss Franc/Gold Not Safe Havens'

Anything that can go down 10% in one week cannot be considered a safe haven … of course I am talking about the Swiss franc and gold.


MarketWatch: ‘The top 10 events that shaped a bear of an August' 

A round-up (in pictures) of a disappointing August.


The Motley Fool: ‘81 Reasons We Love Warren Buffett'

A birthday tribute to Warren Buffett.


The Motley Fool: ‘How To Invest By Using Scenarios'

Scenario planning can help refine your investing strategy. See part 2 here.


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