Mindful Money’s blogs of the week – Friday 5th August 2011

5th August 2011

Felix Salmon: ‘Will the U.S. ever get its triple-A back?'

Brief history of credit ratings, and how difficult it is to go back up!


The Motley Fool: ‘The Rise of Stakeholder Capitalism'

When corporations listen to their stakeholders they make more money. "Stakeholder engagement can be more valuable than gold. Literally."


The Economist Daily Chart: ‘O brother where art thou?'

The Economist has estimated the impact of a hypothetical one-child policy imposed without exceptions, on everyone, everywhere in China.


Environmental Graffiti: ‘Al Gore: How Empowering Women Benefits the Environment'

"We need more people like Gore making the connection between population and environmental degradation. We need more people making the connection between a stable population and the opportunities, health, and well-being of every one on this planet."


Zerohedge: ‘Is Gold A Bubble?'

14 Charts, The Facts And The Data Suggest Not


MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis: ‘Global Currency Wars Enter New Stage; Brazil Calls Off Truce, South Korea Reviews "All Possibilities", Philippines Threatens "Prudential Limits"'

Fighting the Fed has reached a new stage: all out currency wars.


Limericks Économiques: ‘Negative Outlook on Uncle Sam'

Poem about Moody's announcing a negative outlook on the US's AAA rating


The Atlantic: ‘Secret Fears of the Super-Rich'

Does great wealth bring fulfillment? An ambitious study by Boston College suggests not. For the first time, researchers prompted the very rich-people with fortunes in excess of $25 million-to speak candidly about their lives. The result is a surprising litany of anxieties: their sense of isolation, their worries about work and love, and most of all, their fears for their children.


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