Mindful Money’s news round-up: Friday 20th May 2011

20th May 2011

Story of the day:

From the Telegraph, Ian Cowie is discussing how Osama bin laden is driving up house prices in the UK. According to him, after the 9/11 attacks many Arabs felt they weren't welcome int he US anymore and therefore many of the wealthy ones started buying up expensive property in the UK instead, driving up prices and leaving many houses unlived in for the majority of the year.

How Osama bin Laden helped push up prime UK house prices

And the best of the rest:

The New York Times is looking at how the share price of LinkedIn soared yesterday in its first day of trading, this type of price increase hasn't happened since 1999…

LinkedIn's Surge Sets Stage for More Internet I.P.O.'s

The Telegraph is looking in to wine as an investment choice, very popular in China and reaps big rewards

Corking rewards for investors who know their wine

China is also investing in gold. Reported by the Wall Street Journal, the safe haven investment is being bought up by Chinese investors, overtaking India as the biggest purchasers in the metal.

China Is Now Top Gold Bug

In the Independent they are looking in to how shareholders are beginning to take a stand and try get their voices heard, after the financial crisis investors are not as trusting as they once were, but are the companies willing to listen?

Shareholders raise their voices – but companies are covering their ears

On the BBC News, China is decreased the amount of rare earth materials it exports, driving up prices and angering certain countries that are worried about their own production. Mines in the United States and Australia have been re-opened in order to increase supply outside China, whilst Canada and Brazil are also looking to increase their production.

China expands export quotas of rare earth metals

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