Mindful Money’s news round-up: Thursday 2nd June 2011

2nd June 2011

Story of the day:

The Guardian are discussing renewable energy resources, particularly wind energy and how it is creating jobs and electricity – however there are many still opposed to the idea.

Wind farms are not taking over Britain's countryside

And the best of the rest:

In the Telegraph, Bristol and Glasgow will join the ranks of the UK's "super cities", Along with, Newcastle, London, Leeds, Brighton and Liverpool as the business hubs of the next decade, with small firms and entrepreneurs set to spawn development in niche industries, HSBC's analysis suggested.

Seven UK super cities set to drive 'Made in Britain' resurgence, HSBC says

Also from the Telegraph, The survey of 24 of the world's biggest economies placed Britain among the most negative countries, ranking alongside Italy and just above France and debt-laden Spain.

Britons' economic gloom among worst in world

The Daily Mail is reporting on the vicious circle that is, there is little chance of an interest rate rise with consumer spending so low, but consumer spending is unlikely to rise with inflation being so high and inflation is unlikely to decline until interest rates are raised and so on and so forth.

Don't put up interest rates until household spending rises urges Bank of England expert

From the Independent, ASOS sales have increased again, with the help of overseas business.

Overseas sales boost ASOS growth

With unemployment so high, the BBC reports the news that thousands of council and local authority jobs could be at risk of being outsourced abroad, the Unite union has warned.

'Offshoring risk' to thousands of council jobs

The Wall Street Journal are discussing how commodities have boosted banks profits. After a disappointing 2010, commodities was the fastest-growing segment in banks' fixed-income businesses in the first three months of this year.

Big Banks Cash In on Commodities

From Reuters, with disappointing news from manufacturing sectors yesterday, the construction sector has given us some hope… The construction sector grew faster than expected in May and added jobs for the first time in nearly a year, offering a chink of light in what has become a generally sombre outlook for the economy.

Economy gets construction boost in May

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