Mindful Money’s news round-up: Wednesday 18th May 2011

18th May 2011

Story of the day:

The Daily Mail are reporting on the issue of new climate change targets and how they will affect the population, creating a new era of green taxes and soaring fuel bills for millions of cash-strapped households and arguably having little positive effect on tackling climate change.

The new era of green taxes: Climate change targets to cost every household £500 a year

And the best of the rest:

Reuters is discussing the beginning of a new dotcom boom – but is it another bubble?

LinkedIn ups IPO range, stokes social media frenzy

The Wall Street Journal are looking into the collapse of the alliance between BP and Rosneft, and how the share holders are feeling, with many relieved that BP wouldn't be expanding its already-large exposure to Russia.

Some BP Investors Relieved

The Telegraph are also looking into the story behind the BP and Rosneft deal and whether is the tragedy it first appeared.

Has BP had a lucky escape?

The New York Times are looking into how the weather abnormalities are affecting their economy, the swollen Mississippi River is washing away crops, harvests and jobs.

Flooding Takes Vast Economic Toll, and It's Hardly Done

The Telegraph are discussing the question shareholders should not forget to ask Lloyds at today's AGM

Five big shareholder questions for Lloyds

The Guardian have also brought up the state owned banks annual meeting and the concern of difficult questions over a multimillion-pound pay deal for its new chief executive.

Pay deal for Lloyds boss under fire at AGM

The Guardian are discussing the prospect of Greece defaulting on its debts and the Lehman Brothers style reaction it could cause.

Could Greece be the next Lehman Brothers? Yes – and potentially even worse

China is trying to stave off an energy shortage by rationing electricity during the peak summer season to attempt to cull the power cuts that often occur says the BBC News.

China power cuts set to increase on rising coal costs

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