More than a third of Britons do not realise travel insurance covers the UK too

3rd November 2014


Britons are suffering from a substantial knowledge gap when it comes to travel insurance.

Research from Nationwide Building Society shows that as a third of people are unaware that travel insurance can cover trips within the UK, assuming it is only able to be used when going abroad.

But despite the majority being aware that travel insurance can be used domestically, only around a third would consider using their policy to recover their costs if they had to cancel their plans due to sickness, while around 10% are willing to write-off a cancelled trip as a bad experience instead of attempting to claim any of their cash back.

Nationwide’s Phil Smith, head of current accounts, said: “One way of unpicking the fact that many would rather suffer financially than attempt to recoup their holiday expenses is to understand the resilient and hardy nature of the British. We may be quick to moan but we’re also masters of overcoming adversity. We almost expect to get ill during the colder months, which is perhaps why we don’t consider claiming. However, it makes sense to factor this likelihood into plans at this time of year by being flexible with travel and accommodation plans.

“It is also surprising that many people are unaware travel insurance covers holidays in the UK. While we have the NHS, there are many other factors to take into consideration, such as cover for lost luggage, missed or cancelled travel and stolen items.”

For its part Nationwide’s FlexPlus packaged account, which comes at a cost of £10 a month, provides worldwide family travel insurance, including the UK, and covers a range of holiday hiccups – from cancelled accommodation and travel to lost luggage and theft. It will also cover trips cancelled due to serious illness should a refund not be available from the provider.

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