Nine reasons, including the protection of Scotch whiskey, why Scotland is better off with the UK, according to the Treasury

19th June 2014


With the referendum on Scottish Independence now just three months away, the debate on whether it should stay or go is accelerating. For its part, the Treasury has now published nine reasons why it believes Scotland is better off as part of a united Blighty…

1. People in Scotland get the best of both worlds

The security of being part of the larger United Kingdom and a Scottish Parliament that is strong and getting stronger. As a part of the UK Scotland has two governments working in its interests.

2. People in Scotland can trade freely with the rest of the UK

It’s easier for two parts of the same country to do business than two separate countries. Thousands of Scottish jobs rely on trade with the rest of the UK and 70% of Scottish exports go to the rest of the UK.

Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament

3. Scotland’s businesses are supported abroad

Scotland benefits from the UK’s diplomatic network. Over 14,000 people are employed around the world to promote and protect the interests of businesses based in Scotland – like defending Scotch whiskey from counterfeits.

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4. People living in Scotland benefit from the UK dividend

Worth £1,400 a year for every person in Scotland – because as part of the UK, Scotland will continue to benefit from lower taxes and higher levels of public spending.

5. Scotland is part of a successful family of nations

For over 300 years, Scotland has flourished as part of the UK. And together with England, Wales and Northern Ireland it has created one of the most successful family of nations.

6. Scotland’s economy is protected by its place in the wider UK economy

Scotland can make its own decisions in devolved areas, while sharing risks and resources with the rest of the UK.

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7. Scotland benefits from over 200 shared public institutions

Like the BBC and the National Lottery. As part of the UK, people can receive free medical assistance from any hospital in the UK.

8. Use of the pound

One of the oldest and most stable currencies in the world. An independent Scotland would not be able to use the £, or the Bank of England as part of a formal currency union.

9. More support for public services

As part of the UK, Scotland benefits from public spending that is around 10% higher than the UK average. Scottish public spending is 10% higher than UK average since devolution


2 thoughts on “Nine reasons, including the protection of Scotch whiskey, why Scotland is better off with the UK, according to the Treasury”

  1. Allan says:

    Scotch Whisky is doing pretty well. Scotch Whiskey on the other hand never heard of the stuff so it probably needs all the help it can get!!!

  2. therrawbuzzin says:

    1) Just saying “security” means nothing; it’s a bald assertion.

    2) People in Bulgaria can trade freely with the rest of the UK; the idea that the RUK will put up barriers to Scottish trade, when those barriers would also badly hurt rUK business is ludicrous.

    3) Scotland has a payed interest in these employees, but the cost of this, as part of the UK F&C Office is negligible. The FO probably drinks more whisky at the taxpayer’s expense than it saves.

    4) Scots contribute more than their demographic share of taxes, and this £1400 figure is a nonsense.

    5) What has happened in the past is arguable, and the value to Scotland as a whole dubious, but what is certain, is that, as Westminster grows ever more Londrocentric, Scotland’s talent is either being stripped away to the Dark Star, if usable, or stifled by the “City” tunnel vision, if that talent is in fields which London doesn’t need. Scotland NEEDS Independence, to have its Govt. focus on the Scottish economy, to realise its potential.

    Remain in the UK and the Lowland Clearance continues.

    6) Ask the steel workers of Ravenscraig, the miners of Ayrshire, or the fishermen of Fraserburgh about the UK’s protection of Scottish livelihoods.

    7) Scotland has paid for these institutions, and any citizen of Poland can receive free medical care in any hospital in the UK.

    8) LIE!

    9) But it still leaves Scotland subsidising the rUK

    10) Just what are Treasury officials doing embroiling themselves in politics?
    We know that McPherson is a close friend of Darling, but has he no honour?
    11) Why is this crap being regurgitated by rote on such an otherwise excellent website?

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