Nintendo’s new Wii U set to compete with Microsoft and Sony

8th June 2011

Promising more for hardcore gamers, as well as the casual audience that flocked to the Wii, the next generation console features a controller that resembles a tablet PC, with a 6.2in touchscreen, the report says – It plays HD graphics and includes a camera, joysticks and buttons. The console can be used to play games with a TV screen.

It adds: "Nintendo's announcement will pressure rivals such as Microsoft and Sony to come up with new game systems, and could jumpstart a $65bn (£39.5bn) global industry that surpasses Hollywood in size. The new device will launch between April and December 2012, the company told reporters at the E3 games conference in Los Angeles. They did not reveal how much it will cost."

Ian King says in The Times: "The device, described by those taking an early look as "odd" and "weird", offers more than a nod in the direction of Apple's iPad and, indeed, is being discussed as a hybrid between a handheld games console and a tablet.

"…However, with Sony licking its wounds after hacker attacks and Microsoft distracted by its recent purchase of Skype, Nintendo's timing with the Wii U could be spot-on."

Rivals, though, underestimate Nintendo at their peril. When the Wii was launched, five years ago, it was widely mocked yet worked wonders in attracting a new audience to computer gaming. It helped Nintendo to displace Toyota less than two years later as Japan's largest company, and ensured it held industry leadership for some time; several years elapsed before rivals caught up, with products like Sony's Move and Microsoft's Xbox Kinect."

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