Not all gloom and doom for savings and investment opportunities

19th March 2013

Where in the world are our investment opportunities?

The stability of the economy and continuing strain on personal finances continues to be a topic for fierce debate, with reports suggesting some countries now face a triple dip recession ensuring the issue won’t be going away. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t smart ways for cautious investors to make the most of what they have available.

Here are the latest global investment opportunities that have highlighted individual markets, products and industries as areas of potential interest to those who might be looking to invest for their future – but are wondering what exactly is out there in a time where optimism is a little thin on the ground.

Great Britain – UK investors opting for asset management firms

There are a number of financial providers in Britain right now that are offering competitive options on products like fixed rate bonds, but reports have also emerged that have highlighted the success of companies offering asset management packages. According to MoneyMarketing, M&G was looking after around £228 billion of its customers’ money by the end 2012, a record for the group. However, it was also noted that sales specific to the UK had dipped slightly on the previous year’s figures.

 Europe – US investors looking to build on structured credit success

In a piece for Financial News, Matthew Attwood suggested there were a large number of American investors that were looking to build on the success they had seen on structured credit investments in their own country by taking advantage of the European market. Here, he suggested, there were a very similar range of products that were trading below par – and this indicated there were great opportunities available.

US – Millionaire business giant trades petrol for the simple life

With holdings of around $13.8 million, it might be a surprise to hear that one oil trader has shunned the world of high finance and rising fuel costs to make his latest investment, but that’s exactly what Bloomberg recently reported of Andrew J. Hall. Apparently, the former Citigroup bigwig and current chief executive officer of Occidental Petroleum Corp has set up a 2,400 acre farm in Reading, Vermont and is using it to sell grass- fed Angus beef and handmade lavender soap.

So it seems there are a few different options currently in the news that are not all about the doom and gloom of the global economy. For those who may have limited their options to what interest can be generated in their savings accounts, some of the above news might just spread a little optimism around and get everyone looking in the right direction.



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