Older travellers prepared to go without cover as over half struggle to find insurance

22nd September 2015


One in ten holidaymakers who are aged 75 or over are willing to travel without insurance as over half struggle to find a policy, a new study reveals.

Research from Nationwide Building Society shows that those aged over 75 are the group most likely to holiday in September, with around a quarter (24%) intending to take their main break this month.

Nationwide’s survey shows that more than half (56%) of those aged 75 and over struggle to get travel insurance, with more than a fifth (21%) having been prevented from taking a policy on the grounds of age, pre-existing medical conditions or soaring costs of policies.

By comparison, a fifth (21%) of those aged between 60 and 64 have difficulty finding a policy, while 16 per cent have been refused cover due to their circumstances.

Despite age and pre-existing medical conditions potentially affecting premiums, one in ten people (10%) aged 75 plus are willing to throw caution to the wind and travel without any travel insurance whatsoever.

The poll highlights that respondents aged 75 and above paid significantly more for their travel cover each year: a quarter (26%) spend in excess of £200, while one in ten (10%) spend more than £300.

More than a third of those aged over 60 (37%) take a new insurance policy each time they travel, resulting in them having to go through the difficulty of arranging cover every time they go on holiday. Around a quarter (24%) possess standalone multi-trip cover.

Phil Smith, Nationwide’s head of current accounts, says: “This is an extremely popular time for older travellers to enjoy a cheap and peaceful break outside of the school holiday season. But it appears many are willing to go on holiday without insurance due to their age, their medical history or because they feel it’s just too expensive.

“As one of the few current account providers that allow customers to upgrade their travel insurance from the age of 75 and over, we would always recommend looking around for a provider that is willing to cover you at an affordable price.”

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