Parents look to royalty when it comes to kitting out their newborns

29th September 2014

While mums and dads always want the best for their children, new figures released today show how far such aspirations reach with almost half of saying they have been influenced by Prince George, when buying items for their baby.

According to Churchill home insurance, two in five, or 43% of respondents made such a claim.

In addition, 40% of parents admitted that Prince George had influenced the purchase of their pushchair while more than half, at 57%, of the UK’s new parents feel pressure to own a designer pushchair, with the keep up appearances the primary driving force. When asked why they felt this pressure, 51% said it was because they felt a need to look good in front of their peers.

Further demonstrating the influence the young Prince has over the nation’s parents, just over two in five, or 42%, said that they would consider purchasing a Silver Cross pushchair, the same brand that Prince George has been pictured in over recent months.

Baby item % new parents influenced by Prince George when purchasing
Baby clothes 41
Pushchair 40
Toys 40
Blanket 39
Other 37

Source: Churchill home insurance

Notably the research arrives at the same time, as it has recently been estimated that the annual cost of kitting out an infant for its first year of life is now a massive £9,000.

Chloe French, spokesperson for Churchill home insurance said: “It is no surprise to see that even at the tender age of one that Prince George has so much influence and after all, children will always be little princes and princesses in their parents’ eyes.”

Most parents will appreciate just how costly having a child and all of the associated equipment can be. This is why it is important for new parents to check that their contents limits on their home insurance are still adequate soon after any new additions arrive. It is also worth parents checking that they have personal possessions cover to protect their pushchairs outside of the home.”

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