Parents willing to pay nearly £19,000 more on a property to get their children into a good school

16th April 2015


As parents across the nation wait to find out the fate of their child’s place in their chosen primary school, new research has highlighted the lengths people will go to help secure a top place.

Thursday marks ‘National Offer Day’ as letters will be winging their way to thousands of parents across the UK informing them whether their child will be able to attend their desired school.

The analysis from switching site, found that 68% or parents would consider moving home to ensure they got into a catchment area for a good school.

And for those that do move, they are typically willing to spend nearly £19,000 extra on a property in order to get into the right area.

Nearly one in five parents, at 18%, said they started thinking about the school they would send their child to before they were born. For some this planning has paid off as the study found that 62% of parents have their child attending their first choice school. But 11% admitted their child attends a school that was not their first choice while 7% said they missed out on their choice because there were no spaces left.

The threat of missing out on their chosen school place has pushes some parents to extreme measures. For example, while 18% of moved house to be in the catchment area for a good school, nearly one in 10 admitted they gave a false address which was in the area for a good school.

Gareth Lane, head of home insurance at, said: “April 16th is a huge day for parents and children across England. For many, it’s the culmination of years of planning and thought over the best school to choose. Some might be disappointed but, hopefully, the majority will be happy when they tear open their envelope.”

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