Pay-per-view online content consuming Britons with thousands spending more than £240 a year

5th March 2015


Whether it is House of Cards, Game of Thrones or the latest movies, paying to watch content online is swiftly becoming a significant new expense for people in the UK.

More than a third, at 35%, of Britons who watch their favourite television shows and movies online are typically spending more than £120 a year to do so claims new research from budgeting account provider Thinkmoney.

The group’s survey also found that over half, at 57% of respondents were spending £60 a year to watch online content, while 14% were shelling-out £240 or more a year

The survey amongst internet users found 23% and 15% were respectively subscribing to Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Amongst people aged 25-35, these figures rise to 43% and 28%.

A further 16% of adults say that they pay to watch content via iTunes and 8% use pay per view services, such as Blinkbox and Now TV.

The research also revealed the sheer number of devices that people now connect to their home internet, where over three quarters now have three or more connected devices at home while 6% have 10 or more. While the most common device was a PC or laptop, the research also revealed:

Amongst adults under 24 almost all, at 94%, connect via their phone and over half, at 56%, also have an internet connected games console. Interestingly, this age group is less likely than average to have a laptop or PC, at 88%, compared to 96% of people over 55. Almost three quarters, at 74% of internet users aged 35-44 now use a tablet and the figures for 25-34 year olds is not far behind at 70%.

Ian Williams, spokesman for thinkmoney, said: “The rise in paid for-online content has been extremely rapid and it has become the norm for many people to subscribe to content and to watch on pay per view. Whilst most people are paying less than £100 a year to do so, many are paying more than twice this. Many of these households will also have subscriptions to satellite or cable TV on top, so are already paying a hefty amount for their home entertainment, especially when you add in the cost of the fast broadband connection you need for effective streaming.”

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