Penury in the UK: A third of Britons used to being totally skint

16th April 2015


Budgeting account provider has claimed that a third of Britons are used to being completely skint with no money in their bank account or wallet and no ability to borrow.

The organisation’s research found a similar amount of people admitted that they have found themselves penniless at least once.

Those living in Wales, at 39%, Scotland, at 38%) and the West Midlands, at 37% are the most likely to run out of cash, the study revealed.

Interestingly, those in the 35-44 age group, at 40%, struggle the most to make ends meet every month, compared to only 22% of those aged over 55.

The most common reasons cited for running out of money are

Some 29% of people cited low disposable incomes as the primary reason they run out of cash, while 23% blamed unexpected bills and expenses and 10% pointed to redundancy and unemployment.

The figures show that men and women react differently to being penniless. A third of men say they feel depressed, compared with 20% of women and men are three times more likely than women to feel angry about their situation.

Ian Williams, a spokesman for thinkmoney, says: “The research shows that many families are struggling to make ends meet each month. For a third of people to find themselves penniless on a regular basis or even from time to time is alarming.”

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