Rain blamed for dip in UK retail; Clintons cards face closures

9th May 2012

Today opened with the news that a staple of UK conversation is being blamed for a period of weakness in the UK economy. Yes the rain which is yet again falling as I type this has taken the rap for a slowdown in UK retail sales according to the British Retail Consortium. Apparently this  rain is rather special as it can reduce retail sales but has no affect on a drought even if it falls at record levels. You know the sort of thing, wrong type of rain,wrong time of year etc.

The Weather takes the blame quite a lot these days

One may forget that overall the UK climate is rather mild compared to many as we review the supposed impact on its economy. First we had the cold snap and snow of two winters ago which got the blame for the 0.5% fall in Gross Domestic Product of the fourth quater of 2010. When we had warmer and more temperate weather in the last quarter of 2011 but also had economic shrinkage (GDP -0.2%) we blamed the warmer weather!

Manufacturing contributed the most to the decline, followed by electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

Yes electricity and gas output fell because it was not so cold meaning the weather may well be becoming a fan of the Alan Parsons Project.

I just can't seem to get it right

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