Reading List: 9 common mistakes investors make

16th November 2011


"Act and learn" versus "debate and wait"

Mohamed El-Erian and Michael Spence analyse why policy outcomes in western economies have consistently fallen short of what policymakers themselves have expected. Reuters


The trilemma in China and India

Emerging markets face what some economists are calling a trilemma. They cannot simultaneously target exchange-rate stability, conduct an independent monetary policy, and have full financial integration. So what to do? This Article looks at how both are responding. Voxeu


Is youth unemployment really rising because of the eurozone crisis?

"The eurozone crisis cannot explain why youth unemployment has been rising for the past eight months to record highs." That's the verdict of columnist Polly Curtis. The Guardian


Save the Euro! (If You Can)

Megan McArdle believes that despite being a bad idea to begin with, eurozone nations are better off staying in the union – if they can. "All-in-all, it's probably in everyone's interest to save the euro. The problem is, I'm not sure it's in everyone's capacity." The Atlantic


9 Common Mistakes Investors Make

"Investing sounds so simple: Buy low, sell high, make money. But just like the odds of betting against the house in Las Vegas, if it were that easy, everyone would be millionaires." Anne Brennan shares 9 common investing mistakes. The Fiscal Times


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