Reading List: A Manifesto for Sustainable Capitalism

14th December 2011

On fairy tales about inequality

"It appears that some folks are claiming that the inequality that Occupy Wall Street has called attention to is a thing of the past and of no concern, all because income inequality declined during the recession between 2007 and 2009." Bunk! The Economic Policy Institute Blog


Occupy the Classroom?

A group of students staged a walkout in Harvard's popular introductory economics course. "The problem is that, while economists know that they must carefully hedge their assertions when talking to each other, they feel no such compunction when addressing the public." Project Syndicate


A Manifesto for Sustainable Capitalism

Al Gore and David Blood call for a more responsible form of capitalism: "a framework that seeks to maximize long-term economic value by reforming markets to address real needs while integrating environmental, social and governance metrics throughout the decision-making process." Wall Street Journal


Rethinking Debt

Jared Bernstein: Washington refuses to understand that debt can be an essential tool for economic growth. Can we overcome this irrational and destructive fear? Democracy Journal


Why the euro is taking a pounding

Larry Elliott: "The Brussels summit did not come up with a blueprint to save monetary union, the eurozone is heading for a double-dip recession and safe-haven plays are benefiting the US dollar and sterling." The Guardian


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