Reading List: Are economists selfish?

20th December 2011

Ten Economic Questions for 2012

Bill McBride lists his top 10 economic questions of 2012. Questions include: Europe and the Euro, economic growth and employment. Calculated Risk


Are economists selfish?

Greg Mankiw comments on research which found that being an economics major and taking classes in economics are negatively correlated with how much students donate to two particular charities: WashPIRG and Affordable Tuition Now. Greg Mankiw's Blog


Global Savings Glut or Global Banking Glut?

The ‘global savings glut' is what Ben Bernanke called it. This phrase provided a powerful linguistic focal point for thinking about the surge in net external claims. However, Hyun Song Shin says the ‘global banking glut', i.e. the rise in cross-border lending, may have been more culpable for the crisis than the ‘global savings glut'. Vox eu


The Worst and the Best of Austerity

"Austerity is the only option for eurozone countries that no longer have access to capital markets. But, for others, nibbling at the edges of a deficit in the current crisis is at best a sideshow, and at worst a recipe for recession." Project Syndicate


Cutting the Corporate Tax Rate Is No Economic Panacea

"While it may be a good idea to reduce the corporate tax rate as part of a tax reform package, the idea that this will jump-start growth is nonsense." Bruce Bartlett analyses the corporate tax situation in the US. New York Times


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