Reading List: Breakdown of the IMF’s new $430bn firepower (Infograph)

24th April 2012

China: No longer the global imbalance villain

The IMF, according to its latest projections, no longer sees China as the main culprit of imbalances in the global economy. This column argues that this will be very good news for the global economy, as both the pace and the rebalancing of China's economy will help support global growth. Vox Eu


That Old Tax Magic

"Politicians are pitching the idea of 'tax reform' – suggesting that they can simplify the system, close loopholes, and use the proceeds to reduce tax rates. But this vision of tax reform is an illusion with no basis in reality" Project Syndicate


Growth will save us? You bet!

David Malone says the money the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank have given to big banks to bail them out have not been invested in growth. "They have gone into betting on failure and default."  Golem XIV


Interactive graphic: breakdown of the IMF's new $430bn firepower

Last weekend the International Monetary Fund secured commitments of more than $430bn in funding to help the IMF safeguard economies from the Euro debt crisis in Europe. Click to see how much each country contributed. The Telegraph


Concern About The Decline in Manufacturing in the United States?

Highlighting the long decline in farm employment, Gary Becker does not see a convincing case for giving tax breaks and subsidies to the manufacturing sector. The Becker-Posner Blog


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