Reading List: Does a recession really matter?

10th April 2012

Neil Fligstein on Economic Sociology

In this interview, the author of The Architecture of Markets underscores the importance of the social aspects of economic behaviour, particularly when times of crisis reveal shortcomings of traditional economic theory. The Browser


Call That A Budget?

James Surowiecki weighs in on Paul Ryan's radical budget: "the simple truth is that his plan is not an evenhanded attempt to solve America's long-term budget problems. It's a profoundly radical document, its proposals skewed by ideological biases." The New Yorker


Does a recession really matter?

The technical definition of a recession "creates confusion, hides some problems and exaggerates others. By focusing on more important indicators, like unemployment, business activity, and a less volatile measure of GDP, success can no longer be defined as merely not failing." New Statesman


QE3 Watch: Will Slowing Jobs Picture Spur More Fed Stimulus?

Despite Friday's disappointing job numbers, economist Mark Zandi puts the prospects of Fed monetary stimulus, or quantitative easing (QE3) at under 50%. "It's certainly on the table but not because of this." TIME


Fiscal devaluation as a cure for Eurozone ills – Could it work?

With the Eurozone periphery facing the difficult challenge of regaining competitiveness without devaluing their currency, IMF economist Ruud de Mooij assesses whether a fiscal devaluation, i.e. shifting taxes from employers to consumers, could work. Vox eu


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