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8th December 2011

When Economics Was Young

Virtually every economist in the world has heard of John Maynard Keynes. Many have heard of Friedrich Hayek. "But few economists (and far fewer non-economists) know that the major controversy in macroeconomics in the 1930s was between Keynes and Hayek." David R. Henderson helps fill the gap. Hoover Institution


Globalisation has turned on its creators

From the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements of the US to the rise of populist politics in Europe, the globalisation backlash is everywhere. Jeremy Warner argues that globlaisation is threatening the West's prosperity. The Telegraph


Europe, Heal Thyself

According to Daniel Gros the key to solving the euro debt crisis comes from within. "The countries north of the Alps have excess savings, but Northern European savers do not want to finance indebted Southern European countries." Project Syndicate


Jobless and hopeless in America

Even though Republicans think many jobless Americans are too lazy to look for work and take advantage of unemployment insurance, Peter Dreier argues that with 25 million Americans out of work, the least Congress can do is extend their unemployment benefits. Los Angeles Times


Double your income!

Average incomes in developing economies are growing more quickly than at any previous time in history. This graphic shows how many years it will take for income per person to double in both developed and developing countries. The results are quite surprising. The Economist


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