Reading List: EU credit rating crisis explained

7th December 2011

Winning the European Confidence Game

If any solution to the European crisis proposed over the next few days is to restore confidence to the sovereign-bond markets, "it will have to be both economically viable and politically palatable to rescuers and rescued alike." Project Syndicate


The 'Financial Repression' Trap

"In capitals world-wide, policy makers deliberately obscure market prices and prevent informed judgments." Kevin M. Warsh is concerned about the pursuit of "financial repression" by policy makers around the world. Hoover Institution


The Income Gap Is Suddenly a Hot Issue. Here's Why.

The growing gap between the rich and poor is almost certain to be at the centre of the 2012 US presidential campaign but Sarah Stodola thinks the income gap may not be such a bad thing. "Income inequality can provide clear benefits, breeding competition and innovation critical to economic growth." The Fiscal Times


Graphic: EU credit rating crisis explained

Credit rating agency Standard and Poor's (S&P) has said it could downgrade the credit ratings of 15 eurozone nations, threatening the EU bail-out fund. Conrad Quilty-Harper explains why. The Telegraph


The U.S. Debt Crisis: A Glossary and Guide For 2012

Charles Davi presents an all you need to know guide to the debt debate that will dominate the 2012 election. The Atlantic


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