Reading List: Europe’s economic suicide

18th April 2012

Europe's Economic Suicide

"Spain's fiscal problems are a consequence of its depression, not its cause. Nonetheless, the prescription coming from Berlin and Frankfurt is, you guessed it, even more fiscal austerity. This is, not to mince words, just insane." New York Times


Lost time


This chart shows how many years of economic output the rich world lost as a result of the financial crisis and how many years it will take to get back where they were had the crisis not hit. Unsurprisingly, the PIIGS have the most catching up to do. The Economist


France Versus the ECB


It seems that French presidential candidates are busy bashing the central bank instead of promoting pro-growth reform. "Mr. Sarkozy foremost among them-fails to acknowledge its own role in crippling growth with higher taxes, red tape and the vilification of successful enterprise."  The Wall Street Journal


The Next Global Crash: Why You Should Fear the Commodities Bubble


"Investors have gone crazy for commodities, pouring money into everything from oil to copper. Just like the world's mania for tech stocks in the 1990s, this boom is headed for a bust." The Atlantic


From Financial Crisis to Stagnation: An Interview with Thomas Palley


In this wide-ranging and insightful interview, the author of From Financial Crisis to Stagnation, argues that the financial crisis of 2008 was caused by Ronald Reagan's abandonment of the Keynesian growth model that was built on full employment and wage growth. Naked Capitalism


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1 thought on “Reading List: Europe’s economic suicide”

  1. Drf says:

    “…cynical investors will view the defensible technical arguments as a smokescreen for more “financial repression”.” Absolutely, Simon. Yet more manipulation to attempt to conceal the real level of ongoing, continuous debasement of Sterling.

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