Reading List: Eurozone prepares to eject Greece (video edition)

27th January 2012


The man behind Obama and Clinton's economic policy

Fantastic interview between Krishnan Guru-Murthy and economist Larry Summers, who is often, portrayed as the man who opposed the tough regulation of Wall Street under Clinton, and who featured in films The Social Network and the Inside Job. Channel 4 News


Economic Freedom & Income Equality

Economics Professor Robert Lawson discusses the connection between economic freedom and income inequality and why what we should really be concerned about is income mobility. Economic Freedom


Austrian vs. Keynesian economics

Alasdair Macleod talks about Austrian and Keynesian economics with Juan Ramón Rallo, economist and university professor in Madrid. Rallo sees growing interest in the teachings of Austrian economics, because it's the only school that provides a theory of the business cycle in relation to monetary phenomena. Gold Money News


Buffett Says Donations Insufficient for Deficit

Warren Buffett, the billionaire who promised to match lawmakers' voluntary contributions to the U.S. Treasury, tells Betty Liu that donations are insufficient to solve America's $1.3 trillion budget deficit. Bloomberg


Eurozone Prepares To Eject Greece

Vice President of Analysis Peter Zeihan explains why the eurozone is no longer afraid of a Greek collapse, really? Stratfor


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