Reading List: Eurozone’s phoney war will be short-lived

4th January 2012

What is Greece's Least Bad Option?

Mike Shedlock on the best way forward for Greece: "The best option from the point of view of Greece (as well as the EMU) is for Greece to default and kiss the Eurozone goodbye, right now." MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis


Rethinking the Growth Imperative

Kenneth Rogoff: "Modern macroeconomics often seems to treat rapid and stable economic growth as the be-all and end-all of policy. But, while that is the message from graduate classrooms to central-bank boardrooms to newspapers' front pages, is it true?" Project Syndicate


Eurozone's phoney war will be short-lived

Larry Elliott on the stock market reaction to so-so economic data: "Stock markets are surprisingly calm as 2012 begins, but such complacency can't hide the fact that fault lines are forming across Europe." The Guardian


Emma Rothschild on Economic History

In time of economic crisis, studying the past can teach us much about the world economy today. The professor of history and economics recommends essential reading to get us started. The Browser


The Reincarnation of Keynesian Economics

Old (PDF) Economics paper by Greg Mankiw on the principles of Keynesian economics. The paper was cited recently by bloggers Paul Krugman and Scott Summer. Greg Mankiw's Blog


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