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12th January 2012

Infographic: Facebook's $10 Billion IPO – What You Need To Know

What do YOU as a prospective investor need to know about Facebook's impending IPO, and how will the company continue to generate revenue? Check out this infographic that tells you everything you need to know. Economy Watch


Odd economic indicator of the day

Thanks to the growing popularity of Internet piracy and video-on-demand services, burglars in Great Britain no longer consider DVDs and CDs worth stealing: "Years ago, you'd see a man in a pub selling CDs," says Eric Phelps, a detective in London's Metropolitan Police. "Not any more." Washington Post


Welcome, economist, to the desert of the real

Memo to all economists from Noah Smith: I fear that many of us are still telling ourselves that deduction is all we need – that we should keep putting "theory ahead of measurement," that we should continue to believe in theories after the data has rejected them. That needs to stop, or we'll never get anywhere. Noahpinion


Europe's Vicious Spirals

While 2011 was supposed to be the year when European leaders finally got a grip on events, the eurozone's problems went from bad to worse. "The problem is not just that Europe faces a sovereign-debt crisis, but also that it faces a growth crisis, which worsens the debt problem." Project Syndicate


China's collapse 'will bring economic crisis to climax in 2012'

Albert Edwards, one of the City of London's leading analysts has warned: "There is a likelihood of a China hard landing this year. It is hard to think 2013 and onwards will be any worse than this year if China hard-lands." The Guardian


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