Reading List: Greek austerity measures: Too bitter a pill? (video edition)

16th April 2012


Greek austerity measures: Too bitter a pill?

University of Athens economist Yanis Varoufakis compares the austerity measures in Greece to a doctor who administers bitter medicine. Only in this case, the bitter medicine turns out to be "poisonous" and is not curing the patient but is killing the patient. CBS


Jeffrey Sachs on the US economy: 'It's been an amazing ride for the rich'

Economist Jeffrey Sachs discusses how globalisation, corporate governance and politics have exacerbated income inequalities – especially in the USA. The Guardian


Australia's economic boom is bust for some

This report highlights the struggles of BlueScope – Australia's largest steel manufacturer as an example of how the country's Iron ore boom is creating winners as well as losers. AFP


Economy Losing Steam?

Paul Gigot gives his thoughts on the March jobs report. He says not only is it a bad sign at this stage in the recovery to see the labour market shrinking but "if we only get 120,000 jobs month to month, Obama is in trouble." Wall Street Journal


Should the US choose World Bank top post?

Lant Pritchett of the Harvard Kennedy School discusses America's stranglehold over World Bank presidential nominees. "It's always been this way, in part because these organisations were formed in the aftermath of World War II when Americans and Europeans essentially had all the power." CNN


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